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Leza, a village of just over 200 inhabitants, is situated at the foot of Sierra Cantabria. It is surrounded by 400 hectares of vineyards, an groves of oak trees. Can you imagine a more tranquil place?
Leza is 569 meters (1867 feet) above sea level and situated at a crossroads.

The economy is primarily based on vineyards occupying an area of almost 400 hectares.

Architecturally, the emblazoned Renaissance houses of the 16th century and other noble buildings can be found strolling through its streets. Among them stands the parish of San Martín with an Isabel-style façade, a main altarpiece in the neoclassical style and its beautiful starry vault.

“La Lombilla” is located to the east of the town. On this small hill are a good part of the old Leza wineries and caves carved into the earth where wine was made. In La Lombilla you can enjoy its picnic area surrounded by century old gall oak treas.

It is worth noting the numerous dolmens including El Sotillo and Layaza situated in the outskirts of the village.


Festivals and Traditional Events 2021

  • 23 June. San Juan. The Festival of San Juan is celebrated by lighting a bonfire.
  • 16 August: San Roque, patron saint of pilgrims
  • 15 to 18 August: Local festivities in honor of San Roque
  • 11 November San Martin
  • 7 December Las Mañas. Locals celebrate this festival lighting a spigot of lavender


Singular Scenery

Leza is located in Rioja Alavesa. It is embraced by the Sierra Cantabria mountain range, omnipresent throughout the landscape of this tourist region and by the Ebro river. The economy is mainly based on viticulture. At the foot of the mountains there are some cereal crops and mainly small vineyards spread out among a rugged geography of small valleys and hills. As you move away from the mountains, the vineyards become larger and the cereal fields scarcer.


Streets and Plazas of Municipalities to get lost in

Rioja Alavesa is located in the southern part of the Álava province and is made up of 15 individual municipalities with a total population of around 11,400 inhabitants. Among the best known municipality is Laguardia, capital of Rioja Alavesa. This village is an essential “must” visit, but is not the only one. Any of the rest of the municipalities that make up the region is worth enjoying. Some of the municipalities have districts, so the following list shows the population centers:

As we tell you, any of these municipalities is worth visiting, but if you don’t have much time, we make a few recommendations:


Dolmens, wineries with avant-garde architecture, caves and underground cellars, vineyards, walls, towers, … The list is endless, the best thing would be to come and enjoy it. There will surely be something left over for your next visit.


It is another town with a marked medieval character, where you can enjoy excellent cuisine, visits to its monuments and some of its impressive wineries.


This small walled town belongs to the Labastida city council. It stands out for its splendid, perfectly preserved defensive wall. It is in the foothills of the Sierra del Toloño surrounded by spectacular nature.


The modern architecture of the Marques de Rical winery crafted by the famous architect Frank Gehry contrasts with the cobbled streets, stone houses and adorned buildings found in this illustrious town.


In this town, the dolmen “La Chabola de la hechicera” (“The Witch’s Hut”) stands out among all the attractions, the most spectacular and best preserved in Rioja Alavesa. Taking a walk enjoying its landscape is also an excellent option.

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Enjoy the tranquility and exceptional beauty of Leza. However, we warn you, it is addictive!